Best Brush For French Bulldog – (Grooming and Shedding Advice)

Due to their small size and short coat, grooming your French Bulldog is effortless. Due to the small amount that French Bulldogs shed, they are very easy to groom.

Best Brush For French Bulldog

To make things even easier, you will need good grooming tools to remove loose hair.

Today, we will be finding out what the best brush for French Bulldogs is, as well as a few grooming tips to help you maintain the beautiful coat that your Frenchie deserves.

Best Brush For Your French Bulldog

Before we get into any details, here is my number choice of shedding tool, that I personally use all of the time:

Thunderpaws Professional De-shedding Tool and Pet Grooming Brush

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Types Of Brushes For Your Dog

For different dog breeds, there are lots of different types of brushes. For un-matting hair and brushing undercoats in long-fur animals, brushes such as grooming rakes and wide-toothed combs are used. French bulldogs do not have this problem as they just a single-layered, short coat.

Here is an outline of the various kinds of dog brushes available and how they are appropriate for your French bulldog’s short coat:

Pin and bristle brush

These two-in-one brushes are very common amongst dog owners.

On long-haired dogs, the bristle side is mainly used at the end of grooming, to give the coat some shine.

As the French Bulldog only has a very short coat, this side can be used throughout the grooming process, unless your dog has become very dirty.

If your Frenchie has become quite mucky, the Pin brush side of the brush will help remove dirt as well as any excess hair.

My favorite Pin/Bristle brush is the GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

It is a strong and sturdy brush that will last years of grooming. It also has a comfortable, non-slip handle that feels much better to hold than other brushes of the same type.

If you also have a pet cat, it can be safely used to remove loose hair on them too.

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Grooming Glove

A Grooming Glove is a perfect choice for those who’s dogs don’t like to be brushed.

One of my Frenchies used to try and run away when it caught sight of a brush, but using a dog grooming glove, he thinks that he is just being stroked.

Although they are not very good at brushing long-coated dogs, this type of grooming tool is perfect for the French Bulldogs short hair as the rubber bristles remove a lot of dead hair on short coats and don’t feel harsh on their skin. Which is a good thing for Frenchies that have sensitive skin.

My top pick for this category has to go to the Pet Grooming Gloves

These gloves are of a five-fingered design, making them highly effective at getting into hard to reach places.

They contain two types of bristles, the finger nubs for removing loose hair and tangles, and the round nubs that give your dog a relaxing massage.

They are very comfy to wear and even have adjustable straps around the wrist.

The best part is, they come as a pair, so you could use both at the same time and cut down the grooming time.

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Slicker Brushes

Another type of grooming tool that most of you will have seen is the Slicker Brush.

I highly recommend that you don’t over-use these types of brushes as they could potentially scratch your dog’s skin.

With that being said, they are one of the best tools that you can buy for getting rids of loose hair and debris.

They commonly come in a rectangular shape and contain multiple wire pin bristles that are densely packed together.

The best slicker brush that I have used is the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


As the name suggests, it is a brush that once used, you can press a button and the pins retract, cleaning the dog’s hair away from the pins.

As you can imagine, this can save a lot of time in the long run, as you won’t have to deal with a tangled mass of hair stuck to the brush.

The pins don’t seem as sharp as other brushes of the same type so your dog will thank you for that, plus the rubber, non-slip handle is very comfortable to use.

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Basic French Bulldog Brushing Tips

For your Frenchie, brushing provides several purposes:

  • Stimulates the skins blood circulation
  • It spreads your dog’s fur with natural oils
  • Dead skin cells are removed
  • Removes hair dead and dirt
  • It brings awakened nerve endings and sensory pleasure

Be sure to bathe your dog in a high-quality dog shampoo.

Just make sure that you buy the right shampoo for them. If they have any skin issues or allergies, then make sure you shop around for a good hypoallergenic shampoo.

If they only have a little dirt on them, then you may be able to get away with just using a few baby wipes on them.

How Often Should I Brush My French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs do not need to be brushed as much as long-haired dogs.

You should brush your Frenchies fur at least once per week, however, if you can manage to do it every day, then that would be the most beneficial way to keep your dog and your house free of loose hairs.

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

One of the most common care related questions I always get asked by none Frenchie owners is, Do French Bulldogs shed?

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

In this post, I will be answering this question for all you guys plus I will be talking about all of the various reasons why your dog may be shedding their coat as well as tips for minimizing shedding.

Do Frenchies Shed?

In short, yes. French Bulldogs do shed their coats (like most dogs).

Even though they have the type of soft, short fur that does not tend to shed on other dogs, the French bulldog will tend to shed its coat all year round.

They shed their coats to both cool down in the hotter months, and to remove old, dead or damaged hair to make room for a fresh coat.

Do French Bulldogs Shed

Due to their fine hair and small body, the shedding does not make as much mess around the house compared to a larger, thicker haired dog. The hairs will be less noticeable on the floor but they will still be noticed.

Luckily, as long as you brush your dog at least once per week, you will drastically reduce the number of hairs around the house.

Why Is My French Bulldog Shedding So Much?

Excessive shedding can be caused by multiple things.

French Bulldog Shedding

All dogs tend to shed their coats seasonally, to get rid of the thick buildup of fur that they grow in winter stay warm.

In the hotter months, they will shed this coat to stay cool in the warm weather.

When To Be Concerned

If your Frenchie is losing patches of fur instead of the normal, full-body shedding, then this is a sign that your pup may be unwell.

Dogs tend to do this when they are unwell with such things as Cushing’s Disease (an adrenal disease), infections or even some kind of trauma.

If you notice that your French Bulldog is losing patches of hair instead of the normal shedding, then I highly recommend that you take them to your local vet to get them checked out.

The excessive shedding could also be due to some sort of allergy they have such as a food allergy or they could be allergic to a new shampoo or medication.

Once again, a trip to the vets could be the solution here.

How To Stop French Bulldog Shedding?

To keep the dogs shedding under control, there are multiple things that I recommend.

bathing a french bulldog

Bathe Them

Bathing your dog will help loosen up any dead or damaged hair from their coat, which in turn, will help with grooming.

As long as your dog is not the type that tends to roll around in the mud when you take them for a walk, we recommend that you give them a bath at least once per month (obviously if you have a mucky puppy then you will have to bath them when they come home).

We highly recommend that you purchase a good Hydrating Butter to help rehydrate their skin and coat, and keep them looking shiny and smooth.


Grooming your Frenchie is easy as they only have a short smooth coat. Unlike long-haired dogs, you won’t find yourself getting your brush tangled in a bunch of knotted hair.

It is wise to buy a decent quality brush to perform this task. To make sure you get all of the shed hairs off your pup’s coat.


All in all, it is very important that you buy yourself the best brush you can get for your French Bulldog.

If you don’t, then be prepared to have a house full of dog hair, as well as an unkempt looking Frenchie.


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