Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs – Diet Recommendations

In terms of fitness, health, and well-being, nutrition is not just an important factor for us people, but for dogs too.

That is why we need to find the best dog food for French Bulldogs of all types.

What Is The Best Diet for French Bulldogs

Just as we humans try to eat healthily, we should always pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet in our dog.

After all, as dog owners, we are responsible for ensuring that our darling French Bulldog, is doing well.

This does not only imply that we go for a stroll with our dog and thus provide a little exercise, but it also means making sure that our dog gets the correct nutrition in the correct quantity, based on age and, above all, depending on the load.

The best diet for French Bulldogs?

As there are many different breeds of dog, different breeds have different dietary requirements.

french bulldog food

French Bulldogs don’t really like to move around a lot (they are quite a lazy breed), so they don’t use up much energy compared to other breeds.

As little energy is used, the demand for energy is not very high. And that is where the vicious circle begins, which also affects nutrition in particular. Because less food is usually the right way to prevent obesity.

However, this does not mean those specific guidelines are needed for the diet of the French bulldog.

Bloating, stomach sensitivity, heat sensitivity and shortness of breath can cause the French bulldog more trouble than other dogs.

This makes high-quality food in precisely dosed quantities all the more important. In addition, there is something that is also one of the peculiarities of a French bulldog, namely an increased tendency to sleep and snoring.

Experience has shown that this is exacerbated by the dog being overweight.

Obesity In French Bulldogs

A properly fed Frenchie should weigh a maximum of 8 to 14 kg, depending on the size. Ribs should just be recognizable, the dog, fur, eyes, and ears make a well-groomed, healthy impression.

overweight french bulldog

If your four-legged friend already weighs more than the maximum, the dog should be put on a diet. Reduce the amount of meat and give the bulldog more vegetables. In this case, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian and get them checked over so that the health of your animal is not endangered.

Best Dog Food For A French Bulldog

Like us humans, a dog needs balanced amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in its diet.

Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs

It is important to have the highest possible proportion of meat.

Feeding an adult French bulldog should be limited to one meal, at most two meals. High-quality and especially for a dog stomach well digestible ingredients, with sensible mineral and vitamin additives, are criteria for the selection of good dog ready food.

According to experts, dry food should be given preference over wet food.

Dry Dog Food

As long as your Frenchie will take to it (some don’t), I highly recommend that you opt for dry dog food as it has lots of advantages for both you and your dog.

Dry Dog Food

Advantages To Dry Dog Food

  • Often a little cheaper than wet food
  • Can be used as reward or training hooks
  • Easy storage
  • Less packaging materials (more environmentally friendly) compared to cans
  • Easily portioned
  • Little or no smell
  • Remains can be easily removed
  • High energy content, therefore lower feed quantities are sufficient
  • Suitable as a provision for travel or excursions with the dog
  • Smaller quantities already fill the French Bulldog
  • Storage of large bags possible

Disadvantages To Dried Food?

  • Little in-house taste, which is why flavor enhancers are often used
  • Labeling of ingredients often leaves something to be desired
  • Increased fluid demand after eating.
  • For seniors, dogs with dental problems and puppies often harder to chew.
  • Your dog may eat more dry food than it needs, as a feeling of satiety often occurs only when the chunks in the stomach swell.
  • Increased feces sales for many fillers
  • Preservatives often contain

Recommended Dry Dog Food For French Bulldogs


One of the many foods that I have given my Frenchie in her slow feed bowl is ‘Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food‘.

She loves it.

It contains a chicken and rice recipe that she simply adores, and contains omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin e to help her keep a shiny coat as well as healthy skin.

An antioxidant blend is also part of the recipe to help keep her nice and healthy.

Best of all is the fact that this product is catered to small dogs, so it is perfect for a French Bulldog.

Wet Dog Food

If your furry friend refuses to eat anything dry, then wet dog food is the way to go.

Wet Dog Food

Advantages To Wet Dog Food

  • Muddy, soft consistency can also be eaten by sick and old dogs as well as puppies
  • Has a positive effect on the water balance of the dog, especially with drinking lazy quadrupeds
  • Has a more intense taste than dry food and is therefore often preferred. Good with appetiteless or eating-free dogs
  • Larger amounts can be eaten without the same obesity (less energy-rich food)
  • Easy storage
  • Trouble-free storage possible

Disadvantages To Wet Food?

  • Taste enhancers, preservatives are usually contained
  • Clear labeling of ingredients is sometimes missing
  • Smells are sometimes overpowering
  • Bowl crusts are less easy to remove
  • A lot of packaging material is not very environmentally friendly
  • Lots of feces

Recommended Wet Dog Food For French Bulldogs

I recommend the ‘Smartblend’ from Purina ONE.

This wet dog food contains various antioxidants to help your dog’s immune system and overall health and does not smell the house out as much as some other brands that I have bought.

Recommended French Bulldog Puppy Food

If you own French Bulldog puppies, then, of course, it is important that you feed them special dog food that is catered to puppies.

Unlike adult dog food, puppy food contains the right amount of nourishment for a young pup and is usually easier to digest.

Here are a few of my recommendations:

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

This is what I fed my Frenchie when she was a puppy.

They contain no meat by-products, fillers or any artificial preservatives and with the small kibble size, my puppy had no problems eating them. 

This puppy food contains high-quality protein (turkey), is high in antioxidants and contains flaxseed to help give them a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food

Another high-quality puppy kibble is the one from Royal Canin.

My breeder friend swears by this.

Just like the other product from ‘Wellness’, it contains all of the antioxidants and vitamins a puppy could need, as well as easily digestible proteins and a prebiotic mix to help digestion

What Can French Bulldogs Not Eat

What Can French Bulldogs Not Eat


Due to splinters that can injure the esophagus of the dog, but also the stomach or intestines of the dog, the bones can be dangerous for dogs. You should, therefore, refrain from feeding on long-cooked and poultry bones.

When it comes to nibbling, for instance, bone marrow, keep an eye on your Frenchie so you can intervene instantly in an emergency.

Raw Onions and Garlic

As the sulfur compounds in the onion and garlic cause the red blood cells in the dog’s blood to decompose (called hemolysis), even a medium-sized onion can be deadly to a tiny dog. There is a danger even when the onions are cooked or dried.


Almonds can contain a hydrocyanic acid neurotoxin.

Xylitol or birch sugar

This sugar replacement is hazardous to dogs as it can trigger huge insulin secretion with severe blood sugar waste. This can result in harm to the liver and death of the animal in serious instances.

Raw potatoes and tomatoes

They contain toxic solanine.


Some avocados have Persin, which is dog poisonous. May result in harm to the heart. Coughing, shortness of breath, increased heart rate are the first symptoms you should look out for.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts may cause fainting or paralysis, but what substance is still unknown in the nuts triggers.

Due to their elevated fat and phosphorus content, nuts are usually not useful for dogs.

What Should French Bulldogs NOT Drink?


Many adult dogs suffer from an intolerance to lactose, so dogs should usually not drink milk.

Anything Containing Caffeine

A dog’s metabolism cannot be handled by caffeine in coffee, cola and power drinks, as well as tea in green and black tea. This can lead to cardiac arrhythmias that are life-threatening.


Dogs get very rapid alcohol poisoning. Absolutely toxic to the dog, even a little sip.

I hope that I have helped to show you the best dog food for French Bulldogs and that you choose the right one for your dog.

If you found this guide helpful, then please share it with your friends and as always, don’t forget to get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts.

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