Blue French Bulldog Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Over the past few years, French Bulldogs have been extremely popular. These days, they’re the latest ‘must-have’ dog to own. But people don’t want to have the same kind of dog as everyone else, they want something unique. Enter the Blue French Bulldog.

Blue French Bulldog Guide

What Is A Blue French Bulldog?

The blue French bulldog is a very popular dog, that has gray hair with bluish highlights and bat ears. It is a variety very sought after by some owners, due to its beauty and its rarity. But, the French bulldog blue is not a color officially recognized by any of the major international dog associations. This implies that you cannot participate in shows or exhibitions, nor can you opt for champion titles.

Even so, these dogs are appreciated and bred in a particular way, reaching very high prices, due to the originality of their color.

Color Variations

Of course, depending on how the dog is bred, you can get a few different variations on the blue coat that look amazing.

Blue Merle French bulldog

Blue Merle Frenchies are one of the most difficult to breed.

The breeder would have to mate a blue Frenchie with a merle colored one and, due to merle being a dominant gene, there is a high chance that it will result in a Blue Merle.

Blue Fawn French bulldog

There is also the blue fawn French bulldog, this color is called that because it is similar to fawn, the color is also similar to cream but has a bluish hue. To give you an idea, it’s like a bluish brown. They also have a dark gray nose.

Blue Pied French bulldog

If you breed a pied Frenchie with a fully blue one, you normally get a lovely Blue pied pup.

Blue Brindle French bulldog

The blue brindle usually develops it’s brindle striping when they are around one month old.



The French Bulldog was developed as a toy-sized variant of the English Bulldog. The breed was very common among lacing workers in the English town of Nottingham, and as many top employees immigrated to France because of greater possibilities, they carried with them their little bulldogs.


blue-French-bulldogIn France and Europe, the French Bulldog thrived, and the Americans quickly found its appeal. In 1896, at the Westminster Kennel Club Show, the US saw its first French Bulldog. The breed soon received the nickname “Frenchie,” and this name is lovingly used even today.

How Much Do Blue French Bulldog Puppies Cost

On average, paying between $1,500-$3,000 can be expected.

The average price for all French Bulldogs sold is $2,200, according to NextDayPets.

Blue French Bulldog Puppies Cost

For dogs with an excellent breeding history, the price rises even more.

Prices for Blue Frenchies can range from $2,000-$10,000 for best-quality dogs with exceptional breed lines.

Blue French Bulldog Temperament

The Blue French Bulldogs’ temperament is no different from any other Frenchie.

The French bulldog is a dog with great love and trust for people. This dog wants to cuddle with the owner at all times and enjoy the closeness. The dogs are also very sensitive and need to have close contact with their owners.

Most people think a French bulldog is lazy, requiring little exercise. But this is simply wrong. This dog enjoys lengthy walks, ball games, or when jogging, can also be taken with you.

This dog breed does not have as much endurance as a Jack Russel, of course, but it still wants to be challenged.

This breed feels most comfortable in family life, where there is constantly something new happening. They really appreciate the company and look like a little kid who needs permanent attention.

They are usually happy, outgoing type of dog and the only time when they are not happy tends to be when you are not giving them enough attention.

Blue French Bulldog Health Issues

A pure blue French Bulldog is more probable to suffer from a skin disorder known as alopecia in addition to the health problems affecting all French Bulldogs.

Blue French Bulldog Health Issues

This condition may not be evident to your dog when you purchase it as it will not necessarily evolve until they are older.

Alopecia affects only blue regions of their coat, but if you have a fully Blue French Bulldog, the whole body may be affected.

Due to their thin, single-layered coat, they are more susceptible to temperature-related illnesses, so you need to make sure that you keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.

As with all French bulldogs, they are a brachycephalic breed, which means that they suffer from obstructed airways.

Because of this, they can get out of breath very easily, and they tend to snore a lot, even when awake.

Blue French Bulldog Lifespan

The AKC says that the breed’s average lifespan is around 11 to 13 years.

Food and Diet Requirements

According to the French Bull Dog Club of America, there are no particular rules for feeding Frenchies. Ideally, a meat-based diet is used for your French Bulldog as the dogs need meat to live a healthy life, although feeding them fresh meat every meal can get very expensive.

For French Bulldogs, I suggest a high-quality dry food. To help you decide on what to feed your Frenchie, check out my French Bulldog food recommendations.

It must be said though, that Frenchies do enjoy scoffing down their food as fast as possible.

This can cause an upset stomach and bloatedness.

The workaround for this is quite simple, just make sure that you buy them a decent slow feed dog bowl.


They are lively, so every day, in spite of their small size, they require at least one hour of exercise. It is reasonable to take several brief walks during the day. Because they are a brachycephalic dog, they have trouble breathing. Especially in hot weather. So a lot of indoor playtimes are required during the summer.

Blue- French Bulldog Exercise

When out for walks, they can tend to pull on the leash. This can be remedied by starting them off with a harness.

Using a harness, I have found that they are much easier to walk.


Even though they have quite a stubborn nature, French bulldogs are quite easy to train, due to their desire to please their owners.

All you have to do is make the training fun for them by playing games with them.

Although they may not seem like it, French bulldogs are actually quite intelligent when compared to other types of Bulldog. 

When you compare them to other breeds of dogs, they are around mid-range in terms of intellect.

Training your blue Frenchie is a breeze as long as you put the effort in. This goes for house training them as well as they tend to learn quite quickly.

As long as you ensure positive reinforcement, and maybe incorporate some tasty training treats, you will have no problems training them.

You can read more about training them here.


Your Frenchie will not need a lot of grooming due to the short coat, and only really need to be brushed once a week.

blue French bulldog grooming

Also, they only tend to shed once or twice per year.

So you can be assured that your home will not be filled with hairs and certain allergies are kept to a minimum.

I myself, have an allergy to short dog hair, however, I have owned French bulldogs pretty much all of my life and had no sneezing fits because of them.

As long as you buy a good brush, there will be no need to take them to a professional groomer, as you can get good results at home.

Can blue French bulldogs be AKC registered?

French bulldogs with blue coats are not recognized as breed standard by the American Kennel Club, so they are unable to be show dogs. However, they can still be AKC registered.

Tips For Buying A Blue French Bulldog

If you’re looking to buy a blue French bulldog, then there are a few things that you should look out for.

Here are a few tips to consider when buying your Frenchie:

  • Be aware of the fact that you will not be able to win prizes in shows, as they are not considered breed standard.
  • It is a possibility that the blue Frenchie may inherit color dilution alopecia, which is a lifelong skin condition and can be quite painful for them. So make sure you are prepared to make regular visits to the vet.
  • The price of the blue French bulldog tends to be higher than any other type of Frenchie, due to them being more difficult to breed and also due to the popularity of them.
  • Be sure that you buy your French bulldog from a reputable breeder with a good record of breeding high quality, healthy pups.
  • Do not buy your puppy online, as the are a lot of scams going about these days, which can result in loss of money or very poor quality puppy with multiple health problems.
  • Make sure that the puppy you are going to buy is in great health and free from fleas and ticks.


I hope this blue French bulldog guide has been helpful to you.

If I have missed anything, you have any questions, feel free to let me know via the contact page



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