Choosing The Best French Bulldog Carrier Bag

French Bulldog Carrier Bag

Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral problems you’re likely to face with your French Bulldog. Things can become a lot easier once you’ve bought the best French Bulldog carrier bag.

Whether you’re traveling, hiking, or have a small puppy you don’t want to leave at home, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to learn more about the best carrier bags on the market.

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When Do You Need to Use a French Bulldog Carrier Bag?

Dog carriers can be used for multiple purposes.

  • French Bulldog puppies don’t like to be left alone. As an owner, you will spend some time training your puppy to spend time on their own. Until you succeed at doing this, the carrier bag will allow you to run some errands and spend some time away from home without your Frenchie freaking out.
  • If you’re traveling, having a French Bulldog carrier bag will be a big plus. It allows you to keep your hands free for luggage or a quick drink before getting on the plane or train.
  • As a brachycephalic breed, it’s recommended not to over exercise your French Bulldog. Having a carrier bag gives you the chance to go hiking or enjoy long walks with your Frenchie without exhausting your canine friend.
  • Hip dysplasia is a common French Bulldog health issue and causes pain and discomfort especially when the dog tries to climb the stairs. Older dogs can suffer from arthritis, causing severe pain when they move around. With the help of the carrier bag, your senior Frenchie will be able to spend some pain-free time with you away from home.

What Features to Look for in a French Bulldog Carrier Bag?

Carrying your dog around won’t be a problem once you’ve bought the right carrier bag. Here are a few things to consider.


Before you buy a carrier bag, you need to make sure that it fits your dog. Most carrier bags are available in multiple sizes, and you need to check the size chart to make sure that your French Bulldog won’t feel too cramped.

When the bag is too big, the dog might wiggle or even have room to jump out of it. Having a drawstring, or a clip that secures the dog in place will put your mind at ease, especially if you’re carrying the carrier on your back.


You can either buy a backpack or a bag that you can carry like a handbag. A backpack would be more comfortable to carry and allow for more versatility since you can wear it on the front or backside. A handbag provides more room for your French Bulldog and might be more comfortable.


Always look for a durable material to withstand the weight of your dog. The fabric should be snag-proof in case your pooch gets too excited and starts to scratch.

Waterproof materials are also desirable. Look for a carrier bag with mesh to provide better ventilation, keeping your dog cool in hot weather.


Although you’re fond of your dog, carrying it for longer periods might cause some discomfort, especially if you’re dealing with an adult French Bulldog. Having a padded back and straps won’t strain your muscles. A waist belt will also distribute the weight evenly for more comfort.

At the same time, this padding will support your dog’s back and guarantee that it will enjoy its time to the maximum.

Reviews of the Best French Bulldog Carrier Bags on the Market

Forget about leaving your pooch alone when you have to leave your house. The carrier bags we chose are designed to support the body of your dog, keep it in perfect state, and help you enjoy your time together.

1.   Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

French Bulldog Carrier Bag 1

Designed for maximum comfort, this carrier bag keeps the legs and tail out to keep your French bulldog happy. The bag is available in 4 different sizes and multiple colors, and can be used for any pet that weighs between 5 and 15 pounds.

This backpack is made of durable polyester and is so versatile because it can be worn on the front side or backside. You will appreciate the presence of the sponge padding as it adds more comfort and makes your Frenchie feel secure.

Installing the bag is easy, thanks to the quick-release belts. It features elastic openings to get your pet in and out of it easily, while the zipper will secure it in place. Your dog will feel comfortable, and you can go on long walks and trips without it feeling strained.

Since an average adult Frenchie weighs between 20 and 28 pounds, this model will work if you have an anxious puppy that you don’t want to leave alone.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and portable bag.
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes.
  • Durable polyester with elastic cover for more flexibility.
  • Padded back.
  • Can be used on the front or backside.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only works for a puppy.

2.   Outward Hound Lightweight Dog Carrier

French Bulldog Carrier Bag 2
Your dog will love spending time outdoors when you put it in this comfortable and lightweight carrier bag. It’s made of durable and waterproof fabric with mesh siding to keep your pet cool in hot weather.

It’s the same size as a school bag, and you won’t have trouble carrying your pet on the front or backside. The shoulder straps and the waist belt distribute your pet’s weight evenly for comfort and support.

Even if you have a playful or restless dog, you can rest assured that it won’t accidentally jump out of the bag because there’s a safety clip that attaches to the dog’s harness.

There are 2 sizes available, and the medium size will fit French Bulldogs that weigh up to 20 pounds. Moreover, there is a front pocket where you can keep some treats or waste bags within reach.

Make sure that you don’t cinch the drawstring too tight around your pet’s neck. A larger French Bulldog might not feel too comfortable sitting in this carrier.

What We Like

  • Durable waterproof nylon fabric.
  • Mesh siding to keep your pet cool.
  • Padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to distribute the weight evenly.
  • Can work for puppies and adult dogs.
  • Front pocket to carry treats.

What We Don’t Like

  • Larger dogs might not feel too comfortable.

3.    Uheng Pet Dog Cat Carrier Backpack

French Bulldog Carrier Bag 3

Rest assured while carrying your Frenchie around in this durable carrier bag. It’s made of durable polyester material with waterproof lining and breathable mesh to keep your pet cool.

The bag is available in several colors and multiple sizes to fit small, medium, and large breed dogs. We recommend checking the size chart for accurate measurements.

Your dog will be adequately supported in this backpack thanks to the hook and loop, zipper, and padded bottom. The quick-release buttons allow for easy one-hand installation. There’s an adjustable collar hook-up for more safety.

We feel that the bag wouldn’t be that comfortable if you’re carrying a larger dog for a long period. It lacks a mechanism to distribute the weight evenly.

What We Like

  • Durable polyester material with waterproof lining.
  • Breathable mesh to keep your pet cool.
  • Suitable for puppies and adult dogs.
  • Supports the weight of the dog.

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not be too comfortable if you’re carrying an adult dog.

4.   AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier

French Bulldog Carrier Bag 4
This carrier features top and front openings for easy loading and entry of smaller and larger dogs. The well-built construction withstands the weight of your dog and gives it some room to move freely. The zippers will keep the openings closed for more safety.

If you’re traveling, we believe that this carrier will work for you as the frame is compatible with most airlines’ under-seat requirements. Moreover, the mesh provides good ventilation and allows your dog to look outside, so it won’t feel stressed or anxious.

The removable fleece pad is smooth to touch and can be easily washed. The construction and the fleece pad provide your pet with a safe spot to play or sleep when you’re away from home.

There are 3 sizes available, so you can pick the perfect fit for a puppy or a mature dog. However, even the largest size might be too small for an adult French Bulldog if it weighs more than 22 pounds. If you have a pet that urinates when stressed, you might need to use another waterproof pad on top of the fleece one.

What We Like

  • Front and top openings.
  • Well-built construction that provides your dog with more room.
  • Removable fleece pad for easy cleaning.
  • Suitable for puppies and adult dogs.

What We Don’t Like

  • The fleece pad is too thin and not waterproof.

French Bulldog Carrier Bag 5

This lightweight carrier bag is made of breathable mesh and polyester fiber for maximum comfort in hot weather. It’s available in multiple cool colors, so you can choose your favorite one.

Staying active and moving around while carrying your French Bulldog won’t be a problem because the adjustable straps and the waist belt distribute the weight evenly. The interior rope features a clip that you can secure to the dog’s collar or harness. Moreover, there’s a drawstring that allows your pet to stick their head out while they’re enjoying a walk with you.

The back and sides are padded to offer more comfort for you and your Frenchie. Cleaning the backpack is easy because the bottom is removable. We recommend this backpack for outdoor enthusiasts because it has pockets where you can keep the leash, treats, and water.

An active dog would still be able to move around because the bottom doesn’t provide enough support. This carrier doesn’t work if you have an adult dog.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and breathable material.
  • Adjustable straps and waist belt.
  • Drawstring and clip to secure the dog.
  • Padded back and sides.

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks bottom support.
  • Not suitable for an adult dog.


French Bulldogs don’t like to be left alone, and taking your Frenchie for long walks might make it feel too uncomfortable. We recommend the Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack if you have a Frenchie puppy because it has a padded back for more comfort. The material is durable enough to withstand your dog’s weight and movement.

If you have an adult French Bulldog, we suggest that you take a look at the Uheng Pet Dog Cat Carrier Backpack. The mesh material will keep your dog cool in hot weather. Protection Status