French Bulldog Male vs. Female: What’s the Difference?

French Bulldog Male vs Female
A French Bulldog is a loving and affectionate dog that loves to spend time with its human family. But if you’re thinking about buying a new Frenchie, a question usually arises: French Bulldog male vs. female: What’s the difference? Which one is more suitable for you? Keep on reading to learn more about this unique breed.

French Bulldog Male vs. Female – Personality & Temperament

Both males and females are smart. However, males tend to be more confident, energetic, and playful, while females are usually shy and relaxed. Some people feel that females are generally easier to train. However, with proper training, males can also be taught to be amazing pets and companions. This dog is exceptionally intelligent and fun to be around. Males and females love to play and will enjoy training sessions as long as you keep things fun. However, males tend to be more stubborn than females, and this can lead to some challenges. Males are usually more emotionally balanced than females. Being too emotional, female Frenchies can become overly aggressive when teased. They need an understanding and patient owner who wouldn’t mind spending time training and correcting them when needed. French Bulldogs don’t bark excessively, and for this reason, they make excellent apartment dogs. They also don’t need a big backyard and would appreciate short daily walks. They, however, don’t like to be left alone because they suffer from separation anxiety. Females are more loyal and affectionate than males and can even be more obsessive about their owners. As for marking their territory, males will naturally display more enthusiasm and obsession about marking their space and showing other dogs and humans who the boss is. This is why you should expect some peeing, especially if you have other pets in the house as your Frenchie will become too competitive. Your male French Bulldog will usually lift its leg to mark unless they’re dealing with joint pain. This annoying behavior can be stopped with continuous training. A Frenchie is an excellent companion for children and will also get along with other house pets. They can be too possessive of their owner and show some aggressiveness towards other dogs. Whether you choose a male or a female, there will always be individual differences between members of the same breed. You need to pick a dog that matches your lifestyle and have time to offer him or her proper and consistent training. In general, both male and female Frenchies aren’t difficult to train and will make fantastic house pets. However, females tend to be easier to train because they’re less aggressive. They also get more attached to their owners.

French Bulldog Male vs. Female – Appearance & Size

Just like most dog breeds, males usually grow to be heavier and taller than females. Males usually weigh between 22 and 28 pounds, while females tend to be lighter. In some cases, females can be as light as 16 or 18 pounds, reaching a maximum weight of 24 pounds. If you want your male Frenchie to participate in a show, it has to weigh 28 pounds or lighter; otherwise, it will be disqualified. However, if you’re not interested in shows, your Frenchie can gain weight up to 30 pounds and still be healthy. Obesity in French Bulldogs can lead to various joint-related problems. Since this dog doesn’t exercise much, it’s easy to become obese if you’re not careful about their diet. You should make sure that your dog follows a healthy diet and not overeating to maintain an ideal weight. Regular walks and short play sessions are needed to keep the dog mentally and physically stimulated. Male French Bulldogs usually grow to be around 11 or 12 inches high. Some dogs can be slightly shorter or taller and would still be pure. Female dogs can be as short as 10 inches, but their bodies and brains mature faster than males. Since females are usually smarter and leaner than males, they will do exceptionally in show rings, and judges will be more lenient towards them. Although there isn’t a big difference between the size of the male and female dogs, if you want a slightly smaller dog, you should get a female French Bulldog. A male dog will have a larger body with a bigger head.

French Bulldog Male vs. Female – Lifespan

French Bulldogs usually live between 11 and 14 years. Nevertheless, females are generally expected to outlive males. Frenchies are generally healthy but are expected to deal with hip dysplasia and arthritis as they grow older. Breast cancer is common in females but can be avoided if they’re spayed before they first come into season. In the past, males used to die younger because they usually got into fights. But since neutering has become common, male Frenchies are less likely to show this kind of fatal aggression. Both male and female french bulldogs are prone to several health issues throughout their lives. This is why it’s crucial to get your dog from a reputable breeder to minimize the risk of health problems. French Bulldogs are prone to allergies and skin infections because of the folds on their skin. Allergies lead to scabbed, itchy, and red skin and red eyes. If the allergy gets too strong, the throat can get inflamed, and this causes excessive snoring. Hip dysplasia is another common health issue in French Bulldogs. It leads to decreased activity because the dog feels pain when it tries to walk or go up the stairs. A Frenchie won’t be able to jump or run, which can lead to weight gain. Regular exercising and encouraging the dog not to jump and land on the back legs will protect your pet from developing hip dysplasia. In general, how long your dog will live depends on their genes and overall physical well-being. Typically, female dogs will live longer than their male counterparts. However, both males and females are prone to several health issues throughout their lives.

French Bulldog Male vs. Female – Spaying, and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your French Bulldogs offers impressive health benefits in the short and long run. Spaying refers to the process of removing the ovaries and uterus of a female dog, while neutering refers to the removal of testicles. If you have a female French Bulldog, spaying will protect her from breast cancer risk, as long you do the procedure before her first heat. Some people believe that spaying can make their female Frenchie get fat, but this is not true. As long as you pay attention to your dog’s diet and activity level, she will not gain weight. If you choose not to spay your female French Bulldog, you will have to deal with her heat twice a year. This means that she should wear a diaper, or you will find blood and discharge covering your furniture, carpets, and every part of the house. Moreover, your female French Bulldog will attract males. If you don’t want any puppies, you will have to lock your dog up and prevent her from leaving the house, negatively affecting her mood. If your female dog gets pregnant, you will have to arrange for a C-section, as French Bulldogs can’t give birth naturally because the mother has narrow hips, while the puppies have large heads compared to their bodies. Neutering your male French Bulldog guarantees that he won’t be too aggressive, especially around other dogs. It also protects the dog from testicular cancer. This process actually helps your dog live longer and happier and doesn’t cause weight gain. You need to make sure that your male French Bulldog is exercising reasonably and following a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight. When you don’t neuter your male Frenchie, he will be determined to find a mate that he might even be tempted to run away from home. He will also start to spray urine all around the house. Spaying and neutering are safe procedures and can be done at the vet’s office. You can find low-cost spaying and neutering programs that make these surgeries more affordable and accessible. Spayed and neutered dogs are focused on their human family and are likely to deal with fewer behavioral problems.

French Bulldog Male vs. Female – Cost

French Bulldogs are expensive dogs. You can pay between $1000 and $3000, with an average of $2200 for a Frenchie. If you’re buying a dog with an outstanding breeding history for show purposes, the cost can rise up to $10000. Of course, you can get a cheaper dog if you choose to adopt it. Female French Bulldogs usually cost more than males because you can choose to breed the dog, and you can sell the puppies for a large price. However, if your female dog gets pregnant, you will have to endure the costs of C-section and taking care of the puppies. Although it doesn’t cost much to provide your Frenchie with a healthy diet, you should always think about future medical bills. French Bulldogs suffer from several health problems throughout their lives, and paying regular visits to the vet is a must.


Both Male and female French Bulldogs are adorable pets. They will both bring so much love and fun to your family. If you want a timid and affectionate pet, you should consider a female dog. If you want a playful and mischievous companion, then you might choose a male Frenchie. Protection Status