Overweight French Bulldog – Is your bully too fat?

Have you got an overweight French Bulldog? Is he more belly than muscle these days?

He isn’t alone.

It is estimated that a third of all dogs are classed as overweight.

This means that there are millions of chubby dogs in the world.

overweight french bulldog

Medical problems could be the cause of their weight problem, however, in most cases, it is because they are eating too much food.

Much like us humans, dogs who are overweight can develop health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Here are a few tips that will help you change your chunky furball back into the dog that once was.

Not sure if your dog is too fat?

Perform the rib test.

Lightly stroke his ribs with slight pressure.

If you can’t feel them, it’s time to change up their diet.

Exercise is recommended.

To get your Frenchie back into perfect shape, you will need to exercise them daily as well as changing up their diet.

If it has been a while since they have been on a walk, start off slowly on short walks.


Diet dog food

To get your Frenchie losing its extra weight, you will need to put them on a healthy, balanced diet.

Feel free to take a look at our recommendations on the best French Bulldog dog food to get some idea of what you should be feeding them.

Swapping their normal food with a diet dog food could also be a good idea if they have lots of fat to shed.

Reduce calories

Try cutting down their ration of food by a quarter.

If, after two weeks, you still can’t feel their ribs, then cut the food down by another quarter.

If they still have not lost any weight after two more weeks, I recommend that you take them to the vets for a checkup as there could be some medical problems that are stopping your dog from reducing their weight.

Feed more often

So they don’t start feeling hungry, try feeding them multiple time per day. Just make sure that you are dividing their daily amount across these meals and not giving them a full bowl every time.

By doing this, you are making there stomach busy more often so that they won’t have the chance to start feeling hungry.

Extend the pleasure.

You could incorporate a small amount of exercise with their meals.

Try giving them their food in different bowls dotted around the house.

Once he has finished one bowl, get him walking around the house to find another bowl.

Cancel snacks.

Although you may feel bad about this, take away the treats. The last thing that a dieting pooch needs are the extra calories from their doggy treats.

Low calorie treats

If you absolutely MUST give them a treat, for instance, if you are training them at the same time as a diet, then make sure you give them something that is not filled with calories.

The feed trick

You could always put aside one of their daily rations and use that as a treat.

Weight control with the French Bulldog

You need to make sure that you are weighing your dog on a regular basis, in order to ensure that the diet and exercise is actually working and you know how much to feed a french bulldog.

To do this, you could take them in your arms and weigh both of you on a bathroom scale.

Then weigh yourself without the dog. The difference in weight will be how much your dog weighs.

If you don’t have any bathroom scales handy, you can get them weighed at your local vets.

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