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Do French Bulldogs Shed?

One of the most common care related questions I always get asked by none Frenchie owners is, Do French Bulldogs shed?

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

In this post, I will be answering this question for all you guys plus I will be talking about all of the various reasons why your dog maybe shedding their coat as well as tips for minimizing shedding.

Do Frenchies Shed?

In short, yes. French Bulldogs do shed their coats (like most dogs).

Even though they have the type of soft, short fur that does not tend to shed on other dogs, the French bulldog will tend to shed its coat all year round.

They shed their coats to both cool down in the hotter months, and to remove old, dead or damaged hair to make room for a fresh coat.

Do French Bulldogs Shed

Due to their fine hair and small body, the shedding does not make as much mess around the house compared to a larger, thicker haired dog. The hairs will be less noticeable on the floor but they will still be noticed.

Luckily, as long as you brush your dog at least once per week, you will drastically reduce the number of hairs around the house.

Why Is My French Bulldog Shedding So Much?

Excessive shedding can be caused by multiple things.

French Bulldog Shedding

All dogs tend to shed their coats seasonally, to get rid of the thick buildup of fur that they grow in winter stay warm.

In the hotter months, they will shed this coat to stay cool in the warm weather.

When To Be Concerned

If your Frenchie is losing patches of fur instead of the normal, full body shedding, then this is a sign that your pup may be unwell.

ogs tend to do this when they are unwell with such things as Cushing’s Disease (an adrenal disease), infections or even some kind of trauma.

If you notice that your French Bulldog is losing patches of hair instead of the normal shedding, then I highly recommend that you take them your local vet to get them checked out.

The excessive shedding could also be due to some sort of allergy they have such as a food allergy or they could be allergic to a new shampoo or medication.

Once again, a trip to the vets could be the solution here.

What Helps With French Bulldog Shedding?

To keep the dogs shedding under control, there are multiple things that I recommend.

bathing a french bulldog

Bathe Them

Bathing your dog will help loosen up any dead or damaged hair from their coat, which in turn, will help with grooming.

As long as your dog is not the type that tends to roll around in the mud when you take them for a walk, we recommend that you give them a bath at least once per month (obviously if you have a mucky puppy then you will have to bath them when they come home).

We highly recommend that you purchase a good Hydrating Butter to help rehydrate their skin and coat, and keep them looking shiny and smooth.


Grooming your Frenchie is easy as they only have a short smooth coat. Unlike long-haired dogs, you won’t find yourself getting your brush tangled in a bunch of knotted hair.

It is wise to buy a decent quality brush to perform this task. To make sure you get all of the shed hairs off your pup’s coat.

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  • February 3, 2019


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