Should You Use a Dewormer for Pregnant Dog?

Dewormer for Pregnant Dog

Worms are the most common health issue among dogs. Most worm infections are easy to treat; you’ll only need a dewormer for the job.

But, should you use a dewormer for pregnant dogs?

That’s what we’re here to talk about!

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How Worms Affect Dogs

Worms are the common name for intestinal parasites. There are several species of them, and they all mostly live in both intestines. Hookworms, Coccidia, roundworms, and Giardia, are all examples of worms that target the digestive system. These worms mainly cause intestinal issues, such as diarrhea and vomiting. The symptoms differ from one type to another. Some worms are easy to treat, while others cause serious health problems. Worms affect dogs by causing weight loss and messing with their digestive systems. On top of that, some worms can result in anemia.

What Are The Most Common Worms That Affect Dogs?

The most common worms that affect dogs are roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. Here’s a brief about each one of them.


Most dogs get roundworm infection at least once in their lifetime, especially Frenchies. I’ve had plenty of encounters with the infection, having raised Frenchies since I was a kid. Its most prominent symptom is a dull hair coat. It also causes weight loss for some breeds.


Hookworms mostly cause diarrhea, which is a hassle to deal with in dogs. They’re primarily driven by ingesting larvae from the surrounding environment. To prevent it, you should clean up your dog’s stool daily.


Dogs usually ingest tapeworms when eating rodents and fleas that are already infected by the worms. If your dog tends to catch fleas, you should control this habit a bit. Other than that, the infection is relatively easy to treat.


Whipworms in dogs cause diarrhea and dehydration. The infection can develop to cause further complications, so it’s always better to start the treatment early. You should also note that whipworms are more challenging to treat than hookworms and roundworms.

Should You Deworm A Pregnant Frenchie?

Yes, you should deworm any dog that has a worm infection, even pregnant dogs. Pregnant Frenchies aren’t any different. If you leave your pregnant Frenchie with her infection, it can transfer to her children. In late pregnancy, parasites become active, and the mother’s resistance becomes at its lowest. That’s why you should continue with the deworming to prevent any complications for the puppies. You should start the deworming on day 40 of the pregnancy and keep it going for two days after the Frenchie gives birth. Some vets will also recommend increasing the dose ten days before delivery.

Risks Of Deworming A Pregnant Frenchie

Deworming is mostly risk-free for all breeds of dogs. The only risks associated are a result of wrong doses. For example, if you administer the anti-parasitic medicine without knowing the dog’s weight, it can lead to an overdose, which may be fatal in the case of pregnancy. Furthermore, beginning the deworming without consulting your Frenchie’s vet can result in unnecessary health issues. The vet will examine your Frenchie’s health condition and life habits, which will help him determine the right dose.

Can I Deworm A Nursing Dog?

Yes, the majority of dewormers are safe to use on nursing dogs. It’s actually recommended in some cases to prevent the infection from transferring to the puppies.

Panacur Canine Dewormer Review

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Panacur Granules is an efficient medicine that treats roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and some types of tapeworms. In addition to the high efficiency, Panacur is pretty convenient. It comes in the form of powder, so you can easily mix it with the dog’s food.

You can feed it to your dog wet or dry. The Fenbendazole will perform its job correctly either way. It kills the parasites by binding to the proteins, which are the main contributors in the forming of worms.

Panacur is one of the safest dewormers on the market, even if it’s given in a dose higher than needed.


  • It has an affordable price
  • It comes in powder form for convenience
  • It treats most worm infections
  • It’s safe


  • It may cause vomiting

The Final Verdict

If you want to deworm your dog in a safe, efficient way, Panacur Granules is ideal for the job. It’s quick-acting, affordable, and, most importantly, suitable for pregnant dogs. Not to mention that it’s risk-free, even if it’s given in a high dose.

Despite that, I recommend that you give your vet a visit before you use the medicine. It’s always better to get professional help! Protection Status