Your Guide to the Best Dog Bed for French Bulldog

Heroes have capes, and Frenchies have their beds. If your Frenchie isn’t getting the level of comfort he deserves, get ready to face a grumpy, scrunchy face!

Frenchies spend most of their time sleeping or relaxing. Their bed is the essence of their days, so you need to make sure your puppy is comfortable enough with his bed.

After struggling to find the best dog bed for French bulldog, I managed to compile the best five options on the market. I’ll also include a buying guide, so you know what to think about when it’s time to buy the bed.

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The 5 Best Dog Beds for French Bulldog

Best Dog Bed for French Bulldog

There are thousands of dog beds options available on the market. It’s only natural to get confused and feel lost among the wide variety of features and shapes. Luckily for you, my top picks here cover different budgets and designs to match all tastes. You’ll undoubtedly meet your perfect match out of the five beds.

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler – Most Comfortable

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When it comes to comfort, the Best Friends cuddler bed is hard to match. It comes in a round shape with high walls to provide maximum comfort for your Frenchie. On top of that, it’s stuffed with AirLOFT fibers; they’re highly durable, and they stay fluffy for a long time.

The cuddler bed has a 25-pound weight capacity, and it’s suitable for cats and other small pets, as well. It’s also built to accommodate any sleeping position your Frenchie prefers, thanks to its high rear bolster. Moreover, it sports a front bolster that supports the dog’s neck, head, and shoulders.

The Best Friends bed doesn’t only ensure the dog’s comfort, but it makes matters easier for you as well. The material is pretty easy to clean, and the bottom is waterproof. Besides, the bed is machine-washable for your convenience. When you’re done washing it, you can throw it into the dryer; the material is all-machines-friendly.

The cuddler bed offers more than its price implies. It’s ideal for users looking for a budget-friendly bed that’ll keep their pets comfortable.


  • Affordable price
  • Safe for dryer and washing machine
  • High walls to relieve joints pressure
  • High-quality sherpa fabric


  • Users reported the bed is a bit too floppy

Amazon Basics Round Cuddler Bolster Pet Bed – Most Convenient

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The Amazon Basics round dog bed is highly convenient and comfortable. It comes in two separate pieces: the bed and the inside cushion. The walls are high to support your dog, and the front edge is low to allow your dog easy access.

The bed’s base is made of high-quality oxford fabric. While this means it’s durable and water-resistant, it also means the bed is only suitable for indoor use. Moreover, the bed is safe for washing machines, making your cleaning mission much easier.

You’ll only need to wash it on a cold-water cycle, and it’ll return as good as new. It shouldn’t be bleached, ironed, or dry-cleaned, though.

The Amazon Basics bed costs more than the Best Friends cuddler, but it’s still affordable for a dog bed. It comes with its share of downsides, though. Some users complained that the outer shell loses its shape after a while. However, all the affordable dog beds I tried eventually did that, so I guess it comes with the low price.


  • The cushion is separate from the shell and easy to wash
  • Safe for washing machines
  • Durable materials


  • The sizes run small

Casper Sleep Dog Bed – Most Luxurious

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The Casper dog bed is pretty basic, but that’s the magic of it. If you love traditional products, there’s no doubt you’ll love this one. It sports a wide rectangular frame with low walls, and it’s available in gray, light blue, and sand neutrals color.

Although the walls aren’t high, the bolstered frame will hold your Frenchie pretty well and allow him to relieve the pressure on his joints. Additionally, the memory foam material will contour to his body shape and become more comfortable with time.

The Casper bed’s cover is detachable through a hidden zipper. It’s also safe for machine washing, so you don’t have to hand-wash it.

The bed’s material is safe for pawing at, which is happy news for your Frenchie if he likes to dig his paws in his bed before sleeping. I’ve had around three beds ruined because of that habit, and it’s not a good feeling!

If you’re style-conscious, the bed’s sleek design, paired with its neutral tone, can go well with plenty of interior styles. The bed can easily blend into the background of any of your rooms without catching the eye.


  • Memory foam cushion for maximum comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Fit for large and heavy dogs


  • On the expensive side of the market

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed – Best Value for Money

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The Friends Forever dog bed is neither affordable nor expensive. It lies in the middle of the scale—a high-quality option that offers good value for money. It’s an orthopedic bed, as well, making it a suitable option for dogs who suffer joint problems or arthritis.

The orthopedic bed comes in four sizes to fit all dogs. The Large size is the best fit for medium-sized French bulldogs, but it depends on your dog’s size.

The cushioned bolster provides good support for your dog’s joints and back. Plus, the memory foam contours to the dog’s shape, getting more comfortable the more your dog uses it. It’s also combined with support foam to relieve any joint pressure.

The bed’s cover is removable and machine-washable for your convenience. It’s also resistant to tiny hairs and fur, making cleaning it a breeze. On top of that, the bottom is non-slip and non-skid, offering enough stability on any surface.

It’s worth noting that the bed is designed for indoor use, so it may wear out faster if you use it outdoors.


  • Water-resistant liner for better durability
  • Scratch and tear-resistant cover
  • Good value for money


  • Some users reported it arrives with a strong odor

YML Pineapple Pet Bed House – Best Design

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I’m all for prioritizing comfort and convenience, but this adorable pineapple bed makes me think looks are the real deal. I loved it even more when I learned about its features. The manufacturers didn’t sacrifice comfort for looks, after all.

The pineapple bed from YML is the perfect hide spot for your French bulldog. It was thoughtfully designed with an enclosed housing, featuring a small front door for easy access. If your dog spends most of his time relaxing, he’ll love the YML bed.

The manufacturers wanted to ensure the bed is comfortable for the dog and convenient for you. That’s why it’s lined with a detachable plush cushion that’s easy to clean, but it’s not safe for washing machines.

If you want to turn the cushion around for your dog’s preference, you’ll be able to do it easily. Plus, the cushion is filled and fluffy to provide maximum support for your dog’s body.

The only major downside to this bed is that the frame is hard to clean, which you see coming because of the pineapple shape. However, this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you can clean the cushion. Besides, with the low price, it’s expected to find some weak spots.


  • Non-toxic polyester material that’s highly durable
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable design for dogs who love to relax


  • The cushion must be hand-washed

What Is the Best Bed for a French Bulldog?

Best Dog Bed for French Bulldog 1

Picking the best bed for your Frenchie depends on a lot of considerations. The best bed for your doggie may not be a good option for another dog, and vice versa. In the end, you need to think about your dog’s sleeping position, how much space you have, your dog’s age, etc.

Here’s a roundup of the vital things to consider to get the best bed.


The material can make or break the bed. As any dog parent, I don’t care how good the bed looks if its material is uncomfortable for my Frenchie.

You’ll need to choose the material according to the weather in your town.

If you live somewhere cold, opt for a fluffy, warm bed that’ll cocoon your dog on the cold nights. You may also want to get a bed that doesn’t get dirty quickly, so you don’t have to wash it frequently.

Besides the weather, you’ll want to consider your own convenience. The tiny hairs that dogs shed get stuck to the bed, and they’re not a fun task to clean. Try to get a material that’s resistant to fur, and of course, a machine-washable material is an excellent option. Dog beds aren’t exactly fun to wash on your hands.

Dog’s Health Conditions

If your dog suffers from arthritis or any similar joint disease, you’ll need to take it into consideration when buying the bed. In that case, you’ll need an orthopedic that offers enough support for the dog’s joints and body. The Friends Forever bed is a perfect example of that.

Additionally, if your dog is old, he’ll typically need a bed that’s easy to get in and out of.


The bed’s padding and stuffing are equally important as its exterior material and design. If they’re made of second-hand fiber or any low-quality material, your dog won’t get comfortable, and he’ll likely refuse to sleep in the bed eventually.

Bear in mind that the dogs’ anatomy has a lot of bony protrusions outside their elbows, hips, and shoulders that serve as pressure points. They’ll need properly upholstered beds to offer them enough support and keep them comfortable.

The thickness doesn’t matter as much as the padding’s quality does. A bed with a two-inch of memory foam is a better option than a bed with a 5-inch cushioning of loose foam. It’s worth noting that memory foam is an excellent stuffing for comfort. It takes the shape of the dog’s body, and it gets more comfortable as your dog uses it.

As a rule of thumb, if you can pinch the bed’s padding easily and feel your fingers through the fabric, then the bed isn’t supportive enough.

Removable Cover

Removable covers are ideal for user convenience. Instead of having to wash the whole bed and suffer the consequences if it doesn’t fit in your washing machine, you can just remove the cover and clean it. It’s the only part that’ll get dirty, anyway.

Detachable covers are also an excellent option if you’re raising pups. Puppies typically have less control over their behavior; they may, and they will pee on their bed. So, the cover makes handling the issue much easier.

Dog’s Sleeping Position

Dogs have some pretty odd sleeping positions, and they typically stick to it for a long time if it makes them comfortable. Considering your dog’s sleeping position is essential when buying a bed. For instance, if your dog likes to dangle his legs over the edges, a bed with high walls won’t work.

Some dogs curl up while sleeping; these are the easiest to get a bed for. However, some other dogs sleep in frog-like positions or lay on their sides. These need more thought when choosing the bed.

What Size Bed Does a French Bulldog Need?

Best Dog Bed for French Bulldog 2

French Bulldogs are considered a small breed. They’re not tiny like a Chihuahua, but they’re smaller than most breeds. The good thing about small dogs is that they adapt to most beds, whether small or large. What matters most here is the weight. The average weight of French bulldogs is 30 pounds.

The best size for your Frenchie depends on his weight and size. He should be able to stretch all out and stay comfortable, so the length should be sufficient for that. Additionally, he should be able to adjust his body into the space without moving over the edges.

Above all that, the padding should be enough to support his weight. With these guidelines, you’ll be able to choose the right size for your Frenchie. Each brand has a different size chart, and it depends on the bed’s design.

For instance, the large size of the AmazonBasics bed measures approximately 27.5 x 25.6 inches. Meanwhile, the same size of the Friends Forever orthopedic bed measures 36 x 28 inches. So, there isn’t a single size that’s good for all Frenchies.

Can My French Bulldog Sleep in My Bed?

Yes, your Frenchie can sleep with you. French bulldogs are calm dogs in general; they rarely have aggressive tendencies, and they’re most relaxed around the people they trust.

These dogs sleep a lot, too, so they won’t wake up in the middle of the night and startle you.

However, I have to tell you that the habit is pretty hard to break. I spent a full year trying to convince my dog to sleep in her bed, but she held on to my bed as if her life depended on it.

The best thing you can do is provide a bed for your dog, so he knows he only gets to sleep in your bed when he’s invited.

Benefits of Getting the Best Bed for Your Frenchie

Choosing the best bed for your Frenchie isn’t only about sleeping, comfort, etc. There are other benefits that you’ll get as well.

It’ll Reduce Separation Anxiety

When your Frenchie has his own bed, and he’s comfortable with it, he’ll always feel safe. Even when you leave him alone in the house, the bed will serve as his comfort zone, and he won’t feel abandoned.

A lot of dogs are afraid of staying alone, and most of them develop separation anxiety whenever their owner gets out of the door. A comfortable bed will help with that a bit.

It’ll Protect Your Furniture

When dogs can’t find somewhere to play or relax, they resort to the furniture. They’ll either rip and tear at it, scratch it, or leave their tiny hairs all over. When you get the bed, it’ll be the dog’s new target, and he’ll leave your furniture alone.

It’ll Relieve Your Dog’s Joint Pain

When dogs get older, their joints start getting weaker, and a lot of them develop arthritis. While arthritis can be treated with meds, it can get pretty painful sometimes. A comfortable, well-designed bed will relieve your dog’s joint pain. If you get an orthopedic bed, you can expect your dog’s joints to stop aching soon after.

The Final Verdict

If I were to choose the best dog bed for French Bulldog out of my list above, I’d go for the Casper Sleep Dog Bed. It costs a lot, but you get value for every dollar you pay.

My favorite feature about the Casper bed is its neutral colors and basic design. It provides maximum comfort for your dog without ruining your interior style or limiting you to a room. With its colors, you can place it anywhere you prefer. On top of that, its memory foam interior memorizes your dog’s body shape, making it more comfortable for him in the long run.

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