Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl For French Bulldogs

Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl For French Bulldogs

Experts claim that a dog’s food cravings are heightened when they consume their meals, which is why they tend to eat quickly.

And because they are animals, they have a natural survival instinct to act as if they are competing for their food before anyone else can get to it. Even though this eating habit is natural for dogs, keeping them relaxed and slowing down their eating speed is essential and can help to prevent upset stomachs and indigestion for your dog.

Slow dog feeders are can be a great remedy and are readily available to purchase online on stores like Amazon or PetSmart.

Knowing the poor impact of your dog’s quick eating habits can already motivate you to buy these slow feeders so that your pup will no longer suffer with an upset stomach after eating.

What Is The Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl For French Bulldogs?

Here are some of the best slow feeder dog bowls that you could buy for your Frenchie (or any dog breed!):

Chokeberry Lick Mat For Dogs

A different kind of bowl compared to the others on this list is the Slow Feeder Lick Mat.

The Chokeberry Lick Mat is designed by veterinarians for feeding your dog soft food such as Peanut Butter and Banana.

Not only does the Lick Mat slow down the consumption of soft food, but it also makes eating fun for them too, as they will spend their time getting their tongue into every nook and cranny.

They are very easy to wash as they are dishwasher safe and due to the textured pattern, it helps promote dental hygiene.

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Outward Hound Fun Feeder

The ‘Fun Feeder’ For Outward Hound is one of the best slow feeders you can get for a french bulldog due to the design.

Since Frenchies are brachycephalic dogs, they are forced to use their tongue to get to their food instead of their snout.

I found that the designs of the Outward Hound range are perfect for this type of dog as the edges are nicely raised up just enough to prevent your dog from sticking their full face in.

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Ancaixin Interactive Dog Bowl Slow Feeder

If you want something that will not only slow feed your dog but also challenge them a little, then there is simply no other product better than the Ancaixin Interactive Dog Bowl.

In order for your dog to get access to its food, they first have to learn how to turn the wheel that contains the food (that you fill-up of course).

Once turned, the food will fall out of the holes and into the slow feeding plate at the bottom.

It took my Frenchie a few days to learn how to use it but once she learned how it works, there was no stopping her. The added bonus is that she looks extremely cute using it.

I even sometimes put her treats in it.

Build wise, this thing is strong.

It is made from ABS plastic and is also has reinforced joints so you will be sure that your dog will do no harm to it.

You can also adjust it hight, so if you want to use this for a larger dog, then you can with no problems.

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Pecute Dog Bowls

I have chosen the Pecute Dog Bowls as sometimes it is nice to have a two in one dog bowl that holds both food and water.

The Stainless steel water bowl holds a decent amount of water and the design of the slow feed bowl is just right for a French Bulldog.

The main thing I like about this one is that it has a built-in anti-overflow pad that will catch any loose kibble that works its way out of the bowl.

This bowl can either be hand-washed or thrown into the dishwasher

Why Buy A Slow Feeder For Your Frenchie?

Slow feeders are designed to prevent your dog from choking or vomiting due to excessive food consumption.

You can certainly empty your pockets by taking your pet to the vet whenever they get caught or vomit from eating too quickly. I’d note, you’re not only causing your budget trouble, but also your dog’s health. With a simple solution like a slow feeding bowl, it seems like a no-brainer.

What are the dangerous symptoms your dog will experience as they continue to eat their food too quickly? Below you will find important details to consider: 

1. Dogs would surely have distension of the abdomen.

Due to the rapid pace, they consume their meals, they are expected to be able to build up pressure inside. Their bowel could stretch beyond the typical size, causing much discomfort.

2. Dogs might encounter excessive salivation.

For them, this is unhealthy because their food cravings can not be satisfied with just one meal and they would continue to be hungry, leading them to get the abdominal distension.

3. They may suffer from dry heaving.

This is when you watch your dogs breathe heavily. Sometimes they’re just lying on the ground and breathing strongly and just looking at them might break your heart.

4. Some dogs get agitated.

They would proceed to get more than they could eat without the dog bowls that slow down eating. They tend to become agitated because of the pain they feel inside.

5. You should be warned of the heart rate being increased.

This is now the most dangerous part if you let your dogs eat too fast because they might experience this heart rate increase, and if you can’t get them to the vet, it can trigger a more severe illness.

You can avoid all of these issues with slow eating dog bowls. We recommend any of the above reviewed products, and all are readily available and affordable online or in stores. 

These slow feeding dog bowls are a great first step in training your pup to eat more slowly.


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  1. Hi! I bought the Outward Hound one (orange swirl shape, “mini” size) and the walls of the swirl shape were too deep for our frenchie. She ate out of it for about 20 minutes and then I had to scoop the last handful out for her. Could you tell me which size and shape you tested and recommend? Thanks!

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