8 Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

Now one of the most popular dog breeds, here are some fun facts about these cute little dogs.

8 Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Facts

The French Bulldog is not actually French

The French Bulldog had originally come from England as well as her namesake, the English Bulldog.

british and french flag

Since the English migrant workers that were going to France wanted to make small family dogs in the breeding of English Bulldogs, they bred smaller versions that would not take up much room.

These dogs would then become the French Bulldogs that we know today.

Liver French Bulldog

However, the bully became French only because the interest in this new breed was particularly strong at the beginning in France and Belgium. In the course of time, the typical breed of standing eared dog was born in France.

Celebs Love Them

More and more celebrities are buying French Bulldogs these days.

They are the ultimate fashion dog, with owners such as The Rock, Lady Gaga, Hilary Duff and even Leonardo Dicaprio.

Hugh Jackman French Bulldog
Source: abc.net.au

Even Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, is also a Frenchie lover.

Artificial Insemination

The French Bulldog, with its tiny anatomy, is not exactly the easiest dog breed to reproduce.

Because of their small frame, male Frenchies have a real problem trying to mount the female.

For this reason, breeders place priority on artificial insemination to impregnate the female.


Now, you might say: “My French Bulldog is not a barker !”

That’s perfectly true, but I did not want to express it at this point.


The Frenchie, however, is a decidedly communicative dog. This is shown by the fact that they not only want to interact with you through looks and non-verbal gestures, but also likes to express themselves with the softest of sounds what he just wants from you.

If you are singing loud at home every now and then, you may have already noticed that your French Bulldog likes to tune into your singing.

They also break wind and snore. A lot.

A Bundle Of Energy

The French Bulldog needs a certain amount of exercise like every other dog.

Black and tan french bulldog

While in the warmer seasons they are content with several short laps a day, you should keep your four-legged friend indoors late autumn and winter.

Because of the short, thin coat, the bully freezes easily and quickly. Although they sometimes want to get more out of his compact body than he is actually possible, the Frenchie is not suitable for owners who want to perform with their dog sporting excellence.

Because the little rascal then prefers the easy-funny games that are not aimed at performance.

Nurturing body wrinkles with charm

Typical characteristics of the French Bulldog are the facial and body wrinkles. These should be cleaned regularly and occasionally creamed. Special attention is to be paid to facial wrinkles. The face is generally one of the most tender and delicate zones.

Stella Brindle French Bulldog

For this reason, you should act quickly if you notice redness or minor injuries and consult a veterinarian without much waiting.

The good news for owners: Apart from the necessary continuous “treatment” of the facial and body wrinkles, the Bully is an easy-care dog.

Who can resist this cute thing

Although the French Bulldog is a relatively easy-to-educate four-legged friend, one must not expect from them the obedience of a shepherd dog or a similar breed.

And honestly, who can resist the gaze of the stout French Bully? With his innocence, which also includes the crooked head, the bully succeeds time and again to get what he wants from his owner or mistress – be it a toy, a delicious treat or the permission to jump on the bed.

A Loving Companion Dog

All in all, the French Bulldog is a good companion dog, which not only feels comfortable with individuals and older people, but also in families with children.


The important thing is that the bully, from the beginning (the puppy age), stays in contact with children and so they get used to the little people.

Basically, the French Bulldog attaches great importance to having lots of contact with their human companions.

And there we have it. I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about Frenchies – for more, check out my French Bulldog 101 Guide.

I will be updating this in the future so be sure to check this page out once in a while.


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