How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

Before I decided to buy my first Frenchie, I had to ask myself, how much does a french bulldog cost?

French Bulldog cost

After phoning around a few local breeders, I found that they can cost between $1000-3000 (I myself, paid around $1300 for mine).

If you are wanting a more exclusive breed, you can expect to pay up to $10,000 (these are usually the breeds that celebrities will buy)

Brindle pied french bulldog

They are definitely not the cheapest dogs to buy, but that leaves one more question.

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

Frenchies are quite costly due to various factors. Some of which I will now explain.

Breeder Quality

Choosing that right breeder is highly important.

Buying for a good breeder will ensure you get the highest quality pup for your money. Of course, this comes with a higher price tag.

It takes not only time but also lots of money to properly breed healthy dogs. This cost is one of the main reasons why quality breeders will charge more than most others.

Good breeders will also have their puppies registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). Be sure to check this with them as this will minimize the risk of you getting ripped off.

Breeder & Customer Location

Depending on how far away from the breeder you are, transportation cost can a factor to the high price.

If you are choosing a local breeder, in the same state as you, then the cost is not going to be very much as you can probably pick the dog up yourself.

However, if the breeder is in a different state, or even on the other side of the country to you, then you will have to pay the transportation costs.

Of course, I can not give you a price for this as it will mainly rely on yours and the breeders’ locations.

Liver French Bulldog


Availability of French Bulldogs can depend on what breed you are going for. say for example if you were looking for a blue French Bulldog, which seems to be the most popular,  they could be harder to acquire than a mixed breed pup.

Even though frenchies seem to be the latest fashion accessory these days, they’re not yet the most popular dog,  mainly due to the price.

Because of this, there are not as many breeders of French Bulldogs compared to other dogs, meaning, that it could be harder to find a local breeder.

Proper Delivery of pups

Due to the fact that female French bulldogs cannot give birth naturally,  the breeder would have to pay for a caesarean section for them to give birth to the pups safely.

to make sure that the puppies and mother a healthy, they require round-the-clock care as well as the initial immunisations.

Of course this doesn’t come for free so in order for the breeder to not lose profit, they will add these costs to the price of each puppy.


As stated above, the  popularity of French bulldogs has seen a massive increase.  breeders send to capitalise on this fact, thus increasing the price.

Does popularity increase could be because of the fact that a lot of celebrities have started to buy them as a fashion accessory.

Are they worth the high price?

Did my personal opinion, although a biased one,  they are definitely worth it.

I could not imagine life without my cute French Bulldog.

Of course, there are many other dogs that you can buy for a lot cheaper but if you want a small cute and somewhat intelligent dog then I would highly recommend that you get one.

Just remember to set a budget and stick with it.


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