How To Train A French Bulldog

There are certain aspects that you as the owner should pay attention to while training your French Bulldog so that not only you but above all your dog is happy with the relationship and can form a harmonious relationship between you.

How To Train A French Bulldog

Here are the best tips and tricks to follow for French Bulldog training

General information about the French Bulldog

French Bulldogs were originally bred for dog fighting. After this was forbidden, the breed’s breeding grounds also changed; small, peaceful dogs were now on demand. The breed comes from France as the name suggests-and usually weighs between 8 and 14 kg. The coat is very short, which, even at high temperatures, makes the French Bulldog not sweat too fast. The dog can be found in white, black and brown colors as well as in all possible color combinations in terms of color. Comparatively large ears characterize it. In this breed, the tail is usually not strong.

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How do I best make a connection between my French Bulldog and me?

An essential part of your relationship is a good connection with your dog. Having a lot of contact with her as a puppy is the best way to build your connection between your French Bulldog and you. To make your contact based on mutual trust, you should do everything you can. Spending a lot of time with your French Bulldog is the best way to make a trusting bond between you. You should be playing a lot with your dog, cuddling with him, talking to him, or caressing him.

French Bulldog connection

In short, you’re supposed to make sure you show your dog that you love him and enjoy having in your environment. In addition, you get the affection of your dog by winning it with toys and treatments for you. Despite the nice things and gadgets you get for your dog, however, you should always make sure the French Bulldog doesn’t think he’s the leader of his pack. Once the French Bulldog feels you’re not the pack’s leader, your dog will try to take the pack’s lead. He will cause you to be challenged by power struggles and thus dispute your position.

These problems should never be resolved by violence. Such “resolution efforts” are not only highly counterproductive but also destroys your partner’s trust and fundamentally damages the connection between your dog and you. Take the following tips to heart: You can achieve much more with your dog than with violence and intimidation with a judicious and dignified training of your dog.

How do I properly train my French Bulldog?

You should know that your relationship is rooted in parenthood. The training consists of three different basic building blocks, which are inseparable from one another. The reward, coherence, and patience are three components of training your French Bulldog.

how to train a french bulldog

If you, a dog owner, are always treating your dog and enriching it but are impatient, your training will not produce the desired effect, because of the fact that these three components are not separable means. All three components must, in any case, be given equal importance.

The reward

In general, dogs have a very limited period of perception, during which an action is connected with a word of the owner. Thus, immediately after the positive or negative experience, it is important that you praise your dog and measure the performance accordingly. Only then can your dog create a connection between the experience and the response. For instance, praise can be transmitted via the clicker training method or by rewarding them with some training treats.


You can give your dog acoustic feedback quickly by clicking that his behavior was good. However, besides the clickers, you should follow another reward variant. These can be strong praise, a pleasure, visible joy, a caress, and your attention in general. Clicking is simply acoustic praise in the Frenchie Training to immediately connect your dog to a positive reaction. Your future behavior supports this.

The consequence

If you want an obedient dog, being absolutely consistent is essential. This has to do with both positive and negative behavior. Within a short time, you should praise your dog for positive action. Likewise, for negative actions, you should consistently ignore your dog. It’s true that detention is the greatest punishment for your dog. It is therefore even more important that you enforce it consistently.


This means not only understanding the patience of your dogs, but also the patience that you give your dog to give him time to understand how your life works. You have to give your dog enough time during the training so you don’t expect to see excessive results in a short time.

In order to internalize commands and tricks, your dog needs some time. Practicing a trick or a command for hours is therefore pointless. A few minutes ‘ daily training is entirely enough here and leads to the desired objective. Also, you should make sure your Frenchie is always busy so that you can make your dog affable and quiet. Occupancy means not only physical but also mental employment in this context.

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This not only makes learning commands easier but also ensures that your dog leaves your home intact. Untrained dogs are sometimes prone to riot. This is prevented by taking long walks with your dog and playing with them as well. Just be sure that you buy the best harness you can if your dog starts to pull you when out on walks as harnesses limit any damage to the neck and throat when compared to a normal collar.

What should I pay particular attention to?

Note that most of your communication is about body language between your dog and you. For this reason, dogs are very good at deciphering and acting accordingly in your body language. Therefore, signaling the dog by using eye contact, visual signs and gestures are particularly useful. The French Bulldog’s temperament is generally described as sociable, alert, affectionate, and playful.

However, since your dog is also very ingenious and alive, you have to train consistently from puppy age. In any case, you have to make sure that your dog shows obedience.

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