How To Take Care Of A French Bulldog

It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that puppies are much more vulnerable and fragile than older dogs, meaning that you need to be particularly careful with them and if you’ve never had to raise a dog from its infancy tread lightly and cautiously. Get informed as much as you can before bringing the puppy home as there are some things in proper puppy care that mustn’t be overlooked if you want it to develop into a healthy dog.

How To Take Care Of A French Bulldog

French Bulldog Puppy Care

You should make your house a suitable place for a puppy to live in, put a crate, or even better an exercise pen in one room which should be risk-free for a little puppy – no electrical cables it could chew on, no openings in which it might get stuck and, generally, no dangers of any kind.

french bulldog puppies

You need to know the exact age of your puppy as you will need to get him vaccinated and the vet needs to know how old the puppy is in order to properly administrate the vaccinations. Puppies are very sensitive to irregularities in their diets; make sure to feed them three meals a day. Two should consist of high-quality protein rich food, and, if you notice that the puppy likes them, the third might even include fruit or vegetables, vitamins will do him good.

french bulldog care

French Bulldogs are indoor dogs, and they are extremely sensitive to heat, especially while they are very young. Never expose them to high temperatures. If you notice that they are panting or that the insides of their ears are getting red you should immediately try to help them cool off. You should slowly try to get more and more people into their lives as that is how they learn to socialize and be accepting of strangers. And remember, if you treat them with love and care you will be repaid in kind.


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