What Do French Bulldogs Eat?

Nutrition performs an important part in the growth of a dog. A small French bulldog can eat a lot of food –but it shouldn’t. The owner should pay attention to the amount of food they eat. Especially with smaller dogs.

Obesity reduces the lifespan of the dog and restricts its motion.

How do I feed my dog appropriately?

First of all, you have to understand: all dogs have a certain instinct, including the French bulldog. Unlike many dog owners ‘ expectations, a dog does not understand that its masters give them their portion of food every day at home. That’s why he loves going in search of food. So don’t fall for the “puppy dog eyes”! A little treat is fine sometimes, but it shouldn’t really be given too often.

If too much food is given to your dog, he will convert it into fat. It’s easier from the start to pay attention to your dog’s diet than later putting the dog on a diet. There is no precise table of how much food your dog requires.  How much meat your bulldog really should get relies on different factors like age, health, and physical stress. The dog’s temperament also performs a part in this.

Ready-made food for the dog

More and more dog owners are resorting to ready-to-eat food. There are three main variants of dog food: dry food, semi-wet food, and wet food.

Dried Kibble

The dry food is a mixture of dry chunks. The content varies from brand to brand. 

The French bulldog does not necessarily need very substantial food. In puppies, the protein content should be around 25%, and adults about 21%. However, dry food does not simply have to be fed in this way. You can also mix your four-legged friend perfectly fresh meat underneath. You could even soften the chunks in water to make it more palatable and increase their water intake.

Half-wet food

This type of food usually consists of meat, vegetables, and cereals. Part of the water is removed from the feed during production, leaving moist food. 

Wet food

Wet dog food has a high amount of moisture. Nevertheless, it contains all the things a dog needs for a balanced diet. Therefore, you don’t have to feed anything else.


If you consider the points above, your French bulldog will get the well-balanced diet that it needs. Nevertheless, it is recommended to always make the food of your dog as varied as possible.


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  1. Hey, I love this article, Currently, I feed my Frenchie tinned dog food and kibble but I’m not sure its enough variation, Do you think I should add different foods into my dog’s diet? I’ve also read that you can introduce Fruit and vegetables into a dog’s diet but I’m trying to keep cost down, not too sure I have to add all these extra ingredients.

    1. Hi Amy! Great question — it’s always good to consult with your vet before changing your dog’s food program. I recently starting introducing some home made dog food for my pup, and it’s going really well! I like to mix ingredients like quinoa, Greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, and boiled eggs. You can find some great recipes here.

      Good luck, and let me know how you get on with changing up your Frenchie’s diet!

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